Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AOTM - November 2007: David Downton

Travelling to work every day, I pass many posters on the underground (as you can imagine) advertising various things, most of which get largely ignored (by me at least). There is one that catches my eye everyday, however. It's a poster for the V&A exhibition The Golden Age Of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957, and it features a painting from Mr. David Downton. I can't actually recall now where I first came across Downton's work, but I know that I loved it from the off! He is very different to other AOTM's that I have posted in the past, mainly because he works exclusively (as far as I'm aware) in traditional media. He has a fantastic ability to capture likeness, but at the same time remaining loose, and textural. His work is mainly known in the fashion industry, but a fair chunk of his work is also seen in other publications, magazines and newspapers. Keep an eye out for it, I bet you've seen a lot more than you realise...

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